Breads & Rolls


Martusciello's Bakery makes their own breads and rolls daily. We also provide our products at wholesale pricing. Please call us today to find out how you can get wholesale bread pricing. Print Wholesale Bread Pricing Menu

Bread Price
Torpedo 15oz $2.00
Italian 15oz $2.00
Italian 30oz $4.00
French $2.00
Small Round 15oz $2.00
Small Round 30oz $4.00
Wheat $3.00
Large Subs - ea $.65
Medium Subs - ea $.50
Panini (dozen) - long hard rolls $5.80
Hamburg (dozen) - regular or knot $6.00
Asst. Hamburg (dozen) $6.50
Hot Dog (dozen) $6.00
Dinner (dozen) $3.50

Asst. Dinner (dozen)

Sliced  Hamburger, Hot Dog or Knots (dozen) $6.50
Bread Boat 15oz (split & stuffed down the center) $7.50

Mozzarella & Peperoni
Mozzarella & Sausage, Sweet peppers & Onions
Mozzarella & Spinach
Mozzarella & Broccoli
Mozzarella & Onion Garlic
Mozzarella & Black Olive

Special Order Bread Boat 9.25


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